Thursday, July 16, 2015

Garden and storage sheds of Lakeside, pt. 5

The graceful, classic gable


I think the door is on the other side, and molding has been added to dress up the window.

027 (3)

I have my suspicions that this might be a reuse of a privy.

033 (2)

It’s difficult to see the colors, but this is behind the classic 19th c. cottage at 4th and Sycamore.  Nice details added.


Handsome and roomy dressed with a nice cupola. Cottage has a gambrel roof with lovely porch.

Lakeside 2010 452

This is next to the Plymouth House as seen from parking lot.

027 (2)

Some garages become sheds, but I think this is a shed made in a garage design.  It has a foundation and sits above ground.

012 (3)

Somewhere there must be a pink cottage I can’t see. Very large door.

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Anonymous said...

After reading 5 of these, I think you have more sheds than houses. And the trash containers definitely.