Tuesday, July 07, 2015

UMC General Board supports abortion

Rev. Laura Young, a UM minister, "testified in Ohio that the abortion-restricting policies discriminate against women from poor and minority communities and reduce health-care access for women." Really? 38% of abortions are for minorities. What a bloody way to "fix" poverty. Just who do Methodists think Jesus was talking about in Matt 25? John Wesley must be rolling in the grave. "Young said the Ohio coalition collaborates with other social-justice- focused organizations,... especially those that work for systems — fair wages, worker and economic rights, racial justice, LGBT rights — that support women who do choose to have a child." Where is the social justice for that unborn child that might be female, or poor, or gay, or might grow up to develop a cure for cancer or obesity or establish a business that employs thousands? (quotes from Columbus Dispatch, July 2)

“GBCS has a long history of ignoring traditional United Methodists. Every four years it writes legislation and lobbies for General Conference to change the Book of Discipline so it would radically alter United Methodism’s traditional and biblical stance on marriage and sexuality. Never has it promoted or even explained our balanced, compassionate biblical position regarding sexuality.

And who can forget its full-out lobbying for the passage of the Affordable Care Act that was praised by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?  The board was engaged in its efforts to pass the bill even when it allowed for government-funded abortions. http://goodnewsmag.org/2015/03/editorial-no-laughing-matter/

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Freeborng said...

Hello, Norma, I can sense your frustration. For something to hopefully relax the tensions of the current culture, I would like to invite you to the website for the recently released book series about Francis Asbury. The Asbury Triptych Series opens with the book, Black Country, detailing the 18th-century Methodist movement in England. It also does something completely new, shedding some light on the early preaching circuits in England of a young Francis Asbury before he leaves for the American colonies in 1771. The website for the trilogy is www.francisasburytriptych.com.

As far as the things you posted, remember, we serve a big God who can identify with our struggles.