Friday, July 03, 2015

Cecile Richards’ handsome salary for aborting babies—$590,000

CEOs of non-profits do very well; some have blood on their hands. Indeed, one of Planned Parenthood's "largest sources of revenue is its varied government funding which amounted to $528 million of taxpayer money, an average of $1.4 million per day. But that’s beans compared to its reported $1.4 billion in asset."

“Despite the 282 new pro-life laws passed in the past five years, the leaders of the abortion giant are seeing dollar signs. ALL reports,  “The CEOs saw a 14.6% increase in the average salary in the last three years. At this rate, the average CEO salary will see a 4.8% increase every year.”

The income gap: “[Planned Parenthood] says 78 percent of its patients receive incomes below the federal poverty level. Yet, the combined salaries of its CEOs was $11,536,408 in 2013.”

Former Planned Parenthood clinic staffer writes, “You see, as an abortion clinic worker, I experienced evil in a way that most have not (thank The Lord). I have physically experienced evil. I have touched it when I pieced these tiny babies back together. I have seen it in those little glass dishes that I dumped their bodies into. I have heard it as the suction machine violently pulled these tiny bodies out of their mother’s wombs. And yes, I have smelled it. Abortion has a very specific smell, one that you will never forget.” Abby Johnson

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