Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I met an outreach librarian on my lakefront walk

On my morning walk along the lake I met Leah Schmidt the outreach librarian of Geauga County Public Library Outreach services. Sounds like a great program. She oversees the delivery and circulation of library materials to the public via the Bookmobile, Amish delivery services, homebound and outreach programming.

“Ms. Schmidt was originally hired at GCPL as a shelver in 2013 before being promoted to a reference position in spring of 2014. Her extensive education and professional background made her a strong candidate for the Head of Outreach position when it became available this month. She holds a Master’s of Library Science and a Doctorate degree in cultural foundations of education, both from Kent State University. She also has an MBA in finance from Youngstown State University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Ohio State University. Additionally, her work as an educator for Kent State, and in community service at the Trumbull Community Action Program (T-CAP) in Warren, Ohio, provides a solid foundation as Head of Outreach.”


Steve Finnell said...


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JAM said...

For a while, as a child, I lived in a town called Ridgecrest, Louisiana. During that period my mother would take us to the Bookmobile that would come regularly. One of my favorite memories. Looking back, I realize that I'm a book lover from early on. I'm glad that places still have Bookmobiles available.

Norma said...

Good to hear from you again, JAM.