Friday, July 17, 2015

Lakeside’s Herb Class (Wednesday 8:30, Train station)

This week's herb group was on cinnamon. Large crowd probably because the weather eliminates anything else, and everyone knows what it is. We learned all about history and countries of origin, and difference with cassia. Donna Shoemaker submitted the recipe for Cincinnati's famous Skyline Chili which contains cinnamon. We all got a sample. It was delicious. I intend to try it. You can use it over spaghetti; or add red beans, or put it on a hot dog.

We were all big girls (plus 2 men and a boy) with probably combined 900 years in the kitchen, so no amounts were given in the recipe. Ground beef & pork, warm water, canned tomato sauce, tomato paste with water, dried yeast, fresh cinnamon, salt, fresh diced onions, fresh garlic, dash of paprika. Cook all together slowly, low heat 1-2 hours stove top or low in crock pot. If you need amounts, here’s a recipe.

On another delicious topic:

"Trail mix" sounds so healthy. I think it's from that eco-friendly 70s era. But today it means you're not burning up calories hiking in the woods, looking for grubs and berries, but sitting on the couch munching an addictive sweet/salty mix while watching unreality shows.

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Norma said...

I made this for supper July 21. I think I added too much water--it was a little soupy. But very tasty.