Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden and storage sheds of Lakeside, pt. 1

Let’s start with my neighborhood.  You can see representative styles near by—mostly pre-built, but some designed to fit the needs of the homeowner.


This is ours.  My husband wants a larger one that will easily hold bicycles and the trash cans both, but I think this one fits the size of the house (750 sf). We have 3 bicycles, and maneuvering them is a challenge.  It came with the house (purchased in 1988) and I suspect it was built around that time. My experience after 55 years of marriage is that you fill up whatever amount of storage you have.  So think small.


This is our neighbor’s 6 sided, architect designed storage building on Third Ave., but it is at the street in front instead of behind the cottage.  One of the few I’ve seen like that.  The early 20th c. cottage was updated and remodeled in the 80s and again in the 90s and is covered with Hardie Board which doesn’t need to be painted. It’s a wonderful product for a historical community where you don’t want constant care. We sat on the porch most of one summer wondering what this would be as we watched a crew of carpenters build it.


This is behind one of the oldest cottages at Sycamore and Third—cottage dates from the 1870s.  It’s just a shed, but dressed up with some pottery and sits next to the patio with a trellis.  Huge Chinquapin trees (Quercus muehlenbergii)  provide the shade.


This storage shed was added to the house on Oak St. (all streets north and south are named for trees, with the exception of Lynn which would be Linden)  when it was sided with vinyl some years ago with a little shelter spot for bikes during the summer and a concrete drive for the cars.


This one is also on Oak St., and appears to be a “duplex” with two doors, perhaps at one time also serving the cottage next door (above).

Lakeside 2010 459

This pleasant design was moved to this cottage from Lynn a few years ago when the owner put this rental up for sale.  It is now white with green shutters, and really provides the new owners with a lot of storage.

Lakeside 2010 189

Jan likes to keep her shed authentic (unpainted), but festive.  This is also on Oak. Also provides shelter for feral cats which dine on her porch.

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