Tuesday, October 07, 2003

#10 The lunch date

I’m planning to have lunch with a friend today. We worked together, I want to say, about 25 years ago. A quarter of a century. That used to sound like a really long time. Probably go to Cap City Diner, not too far from her office on the OSU campus.

Back in those days when phones weren’t something you strapped to your waist or which distracted you from your driving, she and I went to lunch one spring day. We returned to a disaster--there was broken glass all over the sidewalk and our telephone was in the side yard. Our boss had thrown it through the large window in her office. Then she dragged it back into the office and threw it through a second window.

If there is a second chapter to this story, I’ve forgotten it. Quarter of a century, you know. But I don’t think her contract was renewed. We’ll talk about old times. Maybe even about lunches we have known.

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