Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Our life and times

This is a collection of links to different “memory” type entries in my blog, mostly about our family.

My brother, me and Mom at the farm, 1984

Camp and camping--Monday Memories

Our lost and missing beds

The end of childhood

My plan to open a book store--Monday Memories

Grandma's grandparents

The Marriage Test--Monday Memories

Sunday night suppers--Monday Memories

Serendipity--Monday Memories

Horse crazy--Monday Memories

World War II Service

My grandparents in the 1920s--Monday Memories

A collection of letters--Monday Memories

My husband's lady friends--Monday Memories

My green thumb--Monday Memories

80 people for brunch--Monday memories

Bits of metal and plastic

Grandma's poem for sons at war

Norma's 1958 diary

My favorite cookbook

Happy Birthday Marines

Christmas Eve dinner

Housing reruns

The Vioxx Case

Waffle Makers

Queen for a Day

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

When we were young and high tech

Mother's Weather and Crop Reports

On Fathers and Dads

Rebuilding America

Bad Hair Day

Freshman Yearbook

Armistice Day, November 11, 1918

Reunion of the SLOBS (Arsenal Technical H.S., Indianapolis)

High School Letter Sweaters

Reunion of books and things

Revisiting the Robie House

Our Class Reunions

How do you fix a broken zipper

The 50th Anniversary

I love Martha Stewart

Piero Fornasetti Plates

The value of a college education in dollars

The Good-Bye Letter

Six Reasons to be Late for the Party

Summers at Camp Emmaus

Children and Sleep

Christmas in Indiana

An irregular face

Cancer with the Experts

The night the cat died

Canine Cardiology

Happy Birthdays

The ghost of William B. McKinley

Wenger genealogy

Mouse Dirt (Forreston)

Family memorabilia

Halloween in the 70s

Lake Webster 1953

October 4, 1957

On being a good parent

Veterans Day 2006--Uncle Clare

Mt. Morris and Forreston, Illinois

Grandma's hymnal

Cousin Marianne's 90th birthday

The generations

Uncle and nephew

Life after high school

Carol, Cindy and Greg

Debbie and John visit Lakeside

Our Schurch [Shirk, Sherk] genealogy

Sisters, 2007 and 1957

Remodeled kitchesn

Big Hair

A genealogy prayer list

Spring snow 1975

Paper dolls

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