Tuesday, October 21, 2003

#43 Vivica A. Fox

Vivica Fox was on the Fox TV morning investment show the other day. She wanted advice--didn’t like her investment adviser. Said she was conservative.

Although my supplemental account through TIAA-CREF is performing much better than it was in 2000, the overall amount still hasn’t recovered. The gain/loss in 3d quarter 2000 was a negative $1,339.25 and the gain/loss in 3d quarter 2002 was $2,858.17. Remember, Bush wasn't in office in 2000. He inherited a faltering economy.

However, our private retirement account which is managed by an investment counselor and isn‘t invested in any mutual funds, had returned to its 2000 high after 1st quarter of this year, and in the 2nd quarter had terrific growth, exceeding its former high.

So why do the Democratic candidates keep beating the “economic recovery” drum? Since mid-2002, the Standard & Poor has risen continuously, and it had declined all of 2000! Before Bush was in office.

1.186 million new jobs were created last year. Manufacturing jobs that have been lost will probably never come back, just like agriculture years ago. But high tech investment is at record levels--above the bubble years.

I got a $15 a month tax refund from the government, and a $42 a month cost of living increase from STRS. You can rant all you want about Bush, call him crazy for that tax cut and other economic fiddling to restore the economy, but I can keep coloring my hair.

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