Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

It's about time to switch to a new notebook, so I'm looking back through the notes I've taken since Feb. 20 (in the morning when I'm at the coffee shop). I had a number of Thursday Thirteens started, and a few finished, but nothing felt quite right for this last one in March, 2006. So here's the list of possibilities, all rejected. Since I toss these notebooks in a box when they are used up, I think my blog would be a good place to at least remind myself that these notes are buried somewhere in my office. Just in case there is a day when I have absolutely nothing to write about.

Thirteen Things I'm Not Writing about Today

1. Thirteen things on my calendar for April. Whew! This would put you to sleep. Nothing like reading a to-do list of a retired librarian. I counted and have exactly 13 things written in.

2. Thirteen games we played as children--the first four were what we did with our chewing gum. Hmmm. Another thriller.

3. Thirteen food festivals in Ohio I've never been to. Zucchini, tomato, strawberry, moonshine--anything to bring the tourists in.

4. Thirteen things we did to cut back when my husband went into business in 1994 and we had only one income after 8 years as DINKS. Tip: Throw away every sale flyer that comes to the house. SALE is a euphemism for DEBT.

5. Thirteen words and phrases from real estate ads that tell you to "move along now" without showing the price. Tips: "magestic ballroom," "spa baths" (plural).

6. Thirteen things about librarians you probably don't know. As a group, they are more liberal than the ACLU or Hollywood. ALA has a resolution to impeach the President because of the Patriot Act renewal. Wonder if they plan to dump all the Senators and Representatives too?

7. Thirteen reasons not to borrow money to send your kids to Harvard for an overpriced education, based on the Laurence Summers case. The university is a casualty of left-wing ideology, a collection of petty interests with 60s and 70s has-been gatekeepers.

8. Thirteen health claims and stories I've heard over the years that later were proved false or were revised downward. The latest about 5 fruits and vegetables a day protecting you against stroke sounds amazingly like, "eat all the colors," doesn't it?

9. Thirteen things about Exercise--7 reasons to do it and 6 excuses not to. My exercycle is tied up drying the laundry--how about yours?

10. Thirteen little known things about coupons, sweepstakes and loyalty cards and why they don't save you money. I am the famous Columbus anti-coupon queen without a kingdom. Did you know coupons are often the same size as a dollar, the first one was a wooden nickle (inflation), and loyal cards look just like credit cards?

11. Thirteen things about immigrants, historical and current. I have a plan no one else has suggested.

12. Thirteen games we have in our home and who plays them. Racko, Password, Battleship, etc.

13. Thirteen things that make me special (inspired by a full page IBM ad). I have all my permanent teeth. All my holes and spots are original equipment--no tattoos or piercings. I'm a classic!

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Joan said...

You beat us all to the punch! I'll get mine up as early tomorrow as I can.

Dale Challener Roe said...

I usually try to get mine up early, but you beat me to the punch.

Tired Tunia said...

Ok, now I want to know about the 13 things we don't know about librarians. And the immigration one too. I always see these Thursday 13s and think it is cool, but just haven't done one yet!

Anonymous said...

I like the 13 Games idea - of course, if I had to do that - we don't have that many games in a box; it'd have to be computer games.

Tanya said...

At least you've had 13 starts. I just keep coming up with blanks.

My list is up.

Just Me said...

Blimey! What i'd give for a bunch of ideas like these!

My TT is up!
Elle xx

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear about #10.

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.

Carmen said...

Ah yes, the sale flyers. They are sneaky aren't they. :)

The site design looks new. I like it. If it's not new, I'm just slow. :)

My list is up

Jane said...

At least you HAD ideas!!! LOL!
Sometimes on Wednesday evening I get into a panic when I realize that it is time for T13. But when I get started, it's fun.

My list is up!

Katherine said...

That was a great list! I want to see the 13 about health foods - I'm sure I'm eating all wrong again, dang.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

That's a very interesting fact about librarians. Great list ideas too. My TT is up too. Happy Thursday!

Froggie said...

Love the list! hehe... what a twist. :)

I'm playing this week to!

Amy The Black said...

Actually, I'd love to hear "Thirteen things about librarians you probably don't know. Sounds very interesting!
My TT is up.

Courtney said...

Several of those sound interesting to me! I need to think ahead and write things down like that instead of racking my brain every Thursday morning about what to write. lol

Kimmy said...

Great list! I would have liked several of those. Especially the librarians. I just heard this morning some librarians make over $125,000. Wowsers. I didn't know that!

Happy T13! Thanks for stopping by!

Lazy Daisy said...

Ahhh....Norma you are a classic. I loved your rejects and the humor behind rejecting them. I always feel so smart for having read your lists. My daughter is getting her Masters in Library Science so I've heard alot about that topic.

Wystful1 said...

Too, too funny! Especially #'s 8 and 9. I love humoristic blogging. Great list, thanks for dropping by my T T!!

-tnchick- said...

Oh... but you did write about them - just not in much detail :) hehe

My 13 is up :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you have alot of Blogs... I clicked on your name from another Blog and it pulled up your profile with all your Blogs. Wow.
I loved your 13.
I've also linked your 13 on my 13.

Melli said...

WOW! And I just used #12 today - almost! I have 4 very good friends who are librarians -- so I may know a bit more than some people about librarians. Since I'm currently trying to lose 100 pounds I probably have #9 covered. But, since I have twins who will be entering college in just over a year, I'm thinking I would really like to find out a bit more about why I should NOT borrow that money! Help me out here!

Another GREAT list Norma!
Mine is up too. (#12 - remember?)

Chaotic Mom said...

#6 on your list got me. I am a very open minded person, not really leaning one way or the other right now. I hang out at the library ALL the time. An associate librarian (huh?) was shelving books, asked about my son's cochlear implant. I described it to him, said it was the same brand Rush Limbaugh had.

That started his raging tirade about why Rush was a miserable human being, Bush was a horrid excuse for a human being.

I was in the library for a quiet morning with my son, thought I was sharing about the implant, had to get up and leave. This man wouldn't stop, I tried to change the subject. It was very strange. Grrr...

But, on a better note, thanks for stopping by my T13! ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope you do finish those and post them because there are some really interesting topics in there :) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Great 13! It's fun to go back and list the things you can recall from the past.

I'm up too.

Natalie said...

Lots of great ideas! :)

Shelli said...

I just may have to refer back to this if I still have block next week. We shall see. Thanks for coming by my 13.

Unknown said...

Novel idea for a TT13 - Sounds like you'll be playing for 13 more weeks.

Anonymous said...

i love it!!!
a list of tt ideas, maybe you should write a book, help those of us out that usually can't even think of one, let alone 13.

Anonymous said...

Hi Norma! Sorry I'm late. LOL.

Anyway, I had a similar TT entry last week. At least we have more to choose from :)

Happy weekend :)

MaR said...

I have a hard time finding one theme, I love your list!! sorry I am late, but you know why :)