Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I like about singing in the choir.

When I planned my retirement in 2000, my list of activities was long and detailed--art, writing, travel, volunteering, study--it was even posted on my website (since taken down). Choir wasn’t on the list--for good reason. I didn’t sing much. Actually, it was closer to "never" than to "much." Not only was I not singing, I was losing my ability to read music. Our church uses screens rather than hymnals, and I'd given my piano to my daughter. When I was employed as a librarian, I taught classes, attended meetings, discussed reference and bibliographic problems with library users, supervised my staff and went to lunch with colleagues. By 6 p.m., I only wanted to collapse--not talk or sing. After retirement, I didn’t talk much at all--sometimes not for hours or all day and soon I was also losing my speaking voice. So last fall I decided I would join the church choir that had started a new schedule in a location that was convenient for me. Then I got bronchitis, so I didn’t start until February 2006. Here’s 13 things I like about singing in the choir.

1. I loved liked singing when I was young.

2. I have many memories of “junior choir” in church as a young child and the “Treble Clef” choir in high school, so it is a bit of a stroll down memory lane to be singing again.

3. I grew up in a home with music and I miss that. I even sang in a little quartet with my siblings. Only one of us had the talent and determination to become a musician and it wasn't me, but I did take piano lessons and play trombone as well as participate in choirs.

4. I think my weak vocal chords might benefit from some exercise, just like my other body parts.

5. Music may also be good for the brain cells and learning to breathe correctly can‘t hurt either.

6. The choir members are a fun loving, delightful group. They know how to laugh, but they can really get down to business. Some are professionals.

7. The director, Mike Martin, is fabulous. I’m learning a lot (that’s good for you too). He’s the director of music at a local high school and a wonderful pianist.

8. Worship with the choir feels more intimate and focused than when sitting in a pew. We have prayers about our task and each other‘s concerns, discussion of the meaning of the words, and devotions after rehearsal. Because we sit in a loft behind the congregation we are free to join our families in the sanctuary when we are finished with the anthem.

9. In worship, God is the audience and we are the performers--all of us. The hymns sound better to my ear when I’m surrounded by terrific sopranos and tenors. We sing at the two traditional services (we have eleven) and those have the beautiful hymns with the good words.

10. I love sitting within a few feet of the piano and pipe organ and watching the musicians. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that I didn't know about and I'm impressed.

11. When I hang out with talented people like the choir members, I hope some of it might rub off on me and I‘ll get better. If you want to play better tennis or golf or chess, always play with those who are better than you.

12. Thankfully, no one has asked me to audition, but I'm pretty sure I’ll never be a soprano again. I’ve moved to the alto section, and they are nice too.

13. Scripture says to “Make a joyful noise,” so I’m really confident I can at least do that. Joyfully.

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Anvilcloud said...

I think that singing is a great thing to do, even you're not a great singer (and you probably are).

Carol said...

I agree with anvilcloud - singing in church is a great thing to do! I believe that hymns are some of the most wonderful music in the world. I enjoyed your TT. My thirteen are up.

Tanya said...

Congratulations on doing something you love. Keep it up - it'll keep you smiling.

My 13 are up.

Anonymous said...

I sang with a youth choir growing up, then had a band in my 20's, and now in my 40's am working on my own CD. I love to sing. Happy TT!

Just Me said...

I sang with a choir in my younger days. Very enjoyable it was too :)

My TT is up
Elle x

Denise said...

I'd be kicked out if I ever attempted to sing...I'm awful!

Mine are up!


Wystful1 said...

I love to sing! One time, when I was young I did a solo in our Church's Christmas Program..."O Holy Night"...Altho, I was very nervous.

Happy Thursday. I got my 13 up today!! Come join me.

-tnchick- said...

Very nice list. I don't know that I coul come up with 13 things about singing in chior without a lot of thought. Perhaps that's just how my brain works LOL

My Thurs. 13 is up :)

Melli said...

Great list! I WOULD love to sing in a choir -- unfortunately the choir does not WANT me to sing with them! LOL! I have a horrible horrible voice - true story! BUT... amazingly... it never stopped my children from wanting me to sing songs for them - when they were small. (THEY don't want me to sing anymore either!) So now I just sing along with the radio when no one else is around to listen! :)

Mine are up!

Jade said...

I loved your list. I truly loved singing in the choir as well, it was one of the most centered times in my life!

My TT list is up too!

Veronika said...

That reminds me of when my sisters and I used to sing in the church youth choir. We had a lot of fun. Now, I can't carry a tune to save my life, but God hears it as a "Joyful noise" and that's all that matters!

Dawn said...

I use to sing in the choir at my old church. Haven't been able to do it at my new church. Something about music is awesome.

Loved you 13.

Mine are up.

Carmen said...

I love singing in my choir too! Good subject

Mine are up too.

Jane said...

I have sung in a church choir since I was a teenager. I love to sing. Sadly, since my husband became a District Superindendant (in the Methodist Church that means he supervises pastors in a specific area)I have not been able to participate in a choir and I miss it terribly.
My TT are up too!

MaR said...

Singing is such a lovely hobby. I wish I could sing... but can't read music. My TT is up

Melzie said...

I love singing, music.. everything about it! :) Mine is Up!

stacey said...

I love #s 9 and 13. Beautiful thoughts.

Melli said...

LOL! Norma... I am not blogless! I have a lovely blog! Try here:

Anonymous said...

I love to sing but I'm not very good at it. I don't sing in the chior but I sing with the chior. I've thought about it though. I probably will once I get more time and can come to chior practice. Singing is good for the soul :)

Happy TT!!

eph2810 said...

Great list and I can relate to the singing part - it is a different worship experience all together.
You have 11 services every Sunday - Wow...
My TT is up as well :)

Micehelly said...

What a nice list! I make a noise, unfortunately it is not very joyful for others. I am one of those people who loves to sing but wasn't blessed with talent. It is probably not the worst voice in the world, but nothing to expose others to.

My Thursday Thirteen are up.

Dale Challener Roe said...

My mom tried to get me to join the choir for years when I was younger.

My 13 are up

Anonymous said...

You can really strengthen your diaphgram when you sing or play a woodwind instrument. I played the flute for 10 years and I could hold my breath and hold a note for the LONGEST time in my prime!

My 13 are up.

Kimmy said...

I love to sing. I can't do it the way people like to hear it, but I do love to sing. I sing my little heart out when I can. There's nothing like singing in church. When you can feel the spirit in you... singing praises to our King. Nothin' better.
I miss it. The music and singing hurts my head so badly I can't "take" it. The pain I can't describe. But I miss singing and listening to the host of others.
My 13 are up.

Courtney said...

How wonderful to be doing something you enjoy! Good for you. I can't sing worth a darn.

My TT is up

Katherine said...

I'm so jealous! I only sing if I'm positive there is no one else around, I'm terrible. Thanks for visiting my TT today!

Anonymous said...

The Mormon Tabernacle is looking for another good singer saint! I can sing really good solo, so low you can't hear me. :)

Check out my TT to.


monica said...

I love number 9. :)

You are a beautiful person my dear.


Lazy Daisy said...

Good for you. Sounds like your are enjoying it too. I myself fall into the "make a joyful noise" category. My T13 are up.

Mama Kelly said...

i sang in choir in high school -- in senior year because of having an excess of credits 2 of my daily classes were choir and it was BLISS

Anonymous said...

That was a great 13! Thank you for visiting mine. I love to sing and so does the rest of my family.

I sand in the High School Choir and in my Church shoir too. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to be with our Church choir too, but that was when I was younger, 6-9 years old. I knew I had talent for singing when I was younger. Too bad I let go of it by not practicing and using it. :(

Happy weekend Norma :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop in and say hi, and thanks for stopping by my TT last week!

It must be amazing to sing in the choir. I wish I had the voice for it!