Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanks, I needed that

From Christopher Buckley: Since we've already entered the Bermuda Triangle of the holidays, (Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's Eve) instead of being unhappy this year, how about working to unburden yourself from all your terrible past decisions? You can't change them now. (You know that, right?!)
Did you demonstrably learn from your mistakes? Good for you! Now you are wise. Be grateful and joyous, for 'tis the season! Have you not yet made your peace? Well, then, don't be bummed you haven't yet done the work... (You do have to, you know...) Just understand that right now, today, the past is as dead as disco and you should try something new. (Hopefully with adult supervision... because that tattoo on your ass was a mistake.) 
So just stop beating yourself up about your life choices, they are yesterday's news and dwelling on them will only make you and the rest of us all miserable... Let go. And, if you really are just a miserable SOB and want penance, I suggest you work hard to make someone else happy this time of year if you can't do it for yourself. (That should at least in part do it for you this season...)
"A lot of people are unhappy because they keep hoping for a better past." – Randy Spencer

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