Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Jardiance Commercial

Have you seen the Jardiance Commercial called “Big News?” It’s actually quite engaging and I would give it a prize in the ad world (whatever that is). I’d seen it several times in the morning using my exercycle, and finally looked it up.  It begins with a camera crew of 4 strolling in a park, and the 40-something, fashionably gray interviewer with glasses (Jordan Murphy), asking people questions and showing them the ad on his i-pad (which we then also see as though we are there looking over his shoulder). Everyone he interviews is overweight and dressed in oversized clothing—jeans, sweats, slouch caps, sweaters, just the sort of stuff you wear in a park, or to hide the extra pounds. All seemed to be in the 50-60 age range.  The TV ad staff—young black woman assistant and two young white cameraman and sound assistant-- are not overweight and in their 20s.

The ad (on the i-pad) did not say a word about weight.  But it’s all over the ad.  Subtle.  Well played.


Anonymous said...

Good point about the 'subtle' way in which the commercial acknowledges the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes without explicitly saying it. I'm actually just Googling around trying to find out what brand/style of eyeglasses the sharp 40-ish Jardiance guy is wearing - I think they would suit my gray hair well!

Norma said...

I've noticed really large frames are back in style. I'll probably need to change mine after next appointment.