Friday, October 18, 2019

Does this president make me look fat?

Prof. Brittney Cooper of Rutgers has suggested Trump is making black women fat. No word yet about white women. So I decided I'd look up her research on this, but didn't find anything to suggest it is anything but an opinion. It's just a guess, but if she's researching gender in hip hop music, those hot babes in the videos would drive most women to poor health decisions. With so many crazy feminist theories out there, one really has to be outrageous to get attention. She's making the squad look normal.

"Professor Cooper is currently completing her first book Race Women: Gender and the Making of a Black Public Intellectual Tradition, 1892-Present. Her work focuses extensively in the area of Black women's intellectual history, Black feminist thought, and race and gender politics in hip hop and popular culture. She has two forthcoming articles about hip hop feminism in Signs Journal of Women in Culture and Society and African American Review. Professor Cooper has also published book chapters on Black women's history in fraternal orders and the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident. She is co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective blog, which was named a top feminist blog by New York Magazine in 2011 and a top race blog by in 2012. She writes for the CFC as "crunktastic.""

Note:  I wasn’t familiar with “crunk.”

Crunk definitions aren't consistent. "A style of hip-hop music originating in the southern United States, characterized by electronic sounds, simple refrains, and a high-energy, heavily rhythmic beat." Another definition, "combination of chronic and drunk (on marijuana)" Another: "suitable replacement for the infamous seven dirty swearwords that they couldn't say on TV" Another: To cry like a crane. Can also be a verb: "Matzi was out on the corner with his homies, crunkin' to some tunes."

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