Saturday, October 19, 2019

Janice Fiamengo looks at space travel

As we honor the women in space today, let's take a look at what other women are doing, disparaging space travel and exploration as ableist, colonialist, white supremacist, anti-native American, with a panel of angry resentful "scholars" male shaming. "Discovery" in their view is a racist, exploitive word, up to no good.

Janice Fiamengo who's about the smartest woman on the internet comments and analyzes. I don't see her as often as I used to. The Left has quite a campaign against her that seems to be working. She lives and works in Toronto.

I'm not sure one of these panelists is a woman, but they take the feminist line and may identify as one; I'm also not sure one of them is black, but she seems to identify as one; also not sure why the whitest is native American, but that's what pays her mortgage. It 's not lengthy, but will demonstrate for you the craziness going on in academe as wokeness moves from the social sciences into space travel.

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