Saturday, October 26, 2019

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson thinks the President is a racist

So Supt. Eddie Johnson thinks President Trump is a racist and he won't attend the meeting of the Chiefs of Police in Chicago because Trump will address them.

  • Racism as in record low unemployment for blacks?
  • Racism as in renewed attention on unequal prison terms for black men and the First Step Act ?
  • Racism as in commuting the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson?
  • Racism as in bringing misbehaving black college athletes safely home?
  • Racism as in trying to protect the jobs of low income blacks from illegal workers?
  • Racism as in wanting safer streets and neighborhoods in Chicago?
  • Racism as in wanting to reduce genocidal abortion rate for black women which is 4x that of white women?

Tell me, Superintendent Johnson, what exactly has the President done to offend your race sensitivities?

Tell me all the great things President Obama and President Clinton did for blacks, other than boosting your pride?

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