Thursday, July 01, 2021

2008 and 2016--one president failed, the other one didn't

When Obama was elected in 2008, people were dancing in the streets--going wild--at last the USA had overcome. 99% of black voters voted for him and white liberals sighed with relief! Yet the country spiraled downward for 8 years under more oppressive government control. No progress for blacks, economy slumbered, war didn't end, took forever to get the wealth transfers out the door.
Then Trump was elected in 2016, and the same people wept, got hysterical, screamed, marched in pink hats. Yet he actually met his commitments, best employment record ever for minorities, Europe had to step up and pay its bills, the border although not solved (it's Congress' problem) settled down and criminals were stopped, and religious freedom blossomed. Yet, the crooks in government, both parties, were horrified. They ramped up the intersectionality, and called everything, EVERYTHING, racism. They threw everything at him. Biggest con job ever. If Obama ushered in a glorious black renaissance for 8 years, how did it change overnight when things got better for everyone?

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