Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Let's recap how Kelly (a nurse) feels about the vaccine

"Let’s recap:

I am not anti vaccine.

I am pro choice vaccine.

If you have COVID T-Cell antibodies, you have protection almost to the same degree as one who is vaccinated, and the CDC never encouraged people to be tested before getting the vaccine. Think about why that is .

Children are low risk and do not need the vaccine ( I don’t care what Fauci says) unless they have a significant pre-existing condition.

The vaccine isn’t a cure . You can still contract COVID but most likely will have a mild case but THIS IS SPECULATIVE.

The government and Health experts made many errors and mistakes with recommendations so therefore, we have every right to question their authority.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for a government official to go door to door other than to track YOUR PERSONAL DECISION.

The vaccine is widely accessible now . If you want it you can get it .

Our “experts” politicized this virus . You cannot mix politics with science and that is exactly what they did .

We will continue to hear variant after variant from the media and they will use that to keep the fear alive. People are getting COVID fatigue. They’ve stopped listening a long time ago.

The answer was simple ; protect the vulnerable and let everyone else get on with their lives, but that did not happen did it?"

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