Thursday, July 15, 2021

Recommendations for alternative listening

My friend Julie recommends some alternative radio sources if you're missing Rush.

"I started following people on the back channels or Rumble like x22, patriot streetfighter, AWK [And We Know],  Mel K, RedPill78, Santa Surfing, Thrivetime Show. Also listen to folks on Youtube like Dutch Sheets, Elijah Streams, Monkey Werx. Much more interesting and they can talk about everything that is really going on in the world. Also listen to Dr. Dave Janda on Sunday afternoons on WAAM radio out of Ann Arbor. He has a great show with great guests. I was a loyal GB and Rush listener for many, many years but Glenn isn't as interesting any more compared to all the other stuff I'm trying to watch on the internet. Since the Cabal owns all the radio syndicates, I think their people have their hands tied about certain topics. I have heard Buck and Clay [Rush replacement in that time slot in Central Ohio] a few times when I'm in the car. They're not bad but they could never replace Rush. I loved Rush mostly for his humor and nicknames. I will never forget Rush saying, "Struck Stroke Smirk." Your eyes will be opened wide once you start following some of the online/rumble/bitchute/brighteon. Let's see if FB blocks this post because of some of the names mentioned."

My friend Terri suggests the following.  "Other good alternatives... The Right Side with Doug Billings (He just went through all of the patents filed since 2004 and the published plans for lockdowns, media involvement/hype re vlrus, testing and vaccin3 - yes since 2004), The Professor’s Record, Stew Peters of Red Voice Media, Liz Wheeler, Man in America (based in Columbus OH)... a lot of Patriots working hard to get the truth out there since MSM is covering it up!"

And of course, I always recommend Zuby's podcasts , a rapper and athlete, with various people in the know and in the news. Conservative Christian.  He's the son of Nigerians, a British citizen, with an American accent. 

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