Thursday, July 01, 2021

Defund the police

Amazing how the Democrats in Congress with their carbon copy media are now trying to say defund police is a Republican idea. I guess NYC will have to paint over those defund police signs in the street?

Will all the videos of AOC and the squad and their co-conspirators disappear? Or maybe the ignorant voters could look at the federal budget and see Washington DC doesn't fund the local police. 

From USAFacts: "State and local governments spent $193 billion on law enforcement and corrections in 2017. Local governments were responsible for $129 billion, or two-thirds of that spending. Law enforcement spending ranks behind education ($684 billion) as the second-largest spending category for local government budgets." 

Infrastructure is also state, local and private developer spending--so when you see Biden charming CNN and MSNBC with his lies about that, just look it up.

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