Monday, June 06, 2022

The last day, September 30, 2019

With the change to my new computer and Windows 11, some of my e-mail folders didn't transfer, but I don't know why.  Fortunately, some old letters I wanted to keep did, and I found one from our very last day of life as we knew it.  September 30, 2019.  The next day our son Phil had 2 seizures, was hospitalized and diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma. But when I wrote this his life and ours was continuing as usual, not knowing what was to come. 

"We’ve been eating dinner on our lovely deck almost every evening since we returned to Columbus on Labor Day, but it just may be too warm this evening.  We’ve also been enjoying sleeping with the windows open, but that will probably not work tonight. I love hearing the train in the distance. 

I’m learning all the buttons and features for my new car, a white 2019 Pacifica, which is the most recent version of the Chrysler van.  It has keyless entry which is very nice, but I have to be careful.  I’d love to have that feature on my house door for when I’m carrying in the groceries. We’re still waiting to get the owner’s manual, and don’t know what some of the bells and whistles are for.  I can look on-line but there are 718 pages, so I don’t want to print the manual.  We also have a free subscription to Sirius radio, but it seems now days you need a smart phone in order to live in our society, so I’ll have to wait until Phoebe has time. And for the umpteenth time the street is torn up and we have no water.  I’m not sure why Kenney Rd. has so many problems, but it does. 

Last night we had our UALC Bible study group here for a meeting and dessert—pumpkin pie and ice cream.  It’s such a nice gathering, and I always enjoy them.  Howard and Betty are leaving Thursday for Ireland, and both have significant health challenges. Two years ago they went to Scotland and arrived in the U.S. (Houston) during the hurricane, and were stranded there for 5 days.  Dave and Donna used Phil as their dog sitter last month, and were so thrilled, she just gets weepy when she talks about him.  She said she didn’t know a bachelor could keep his home so clean, and their dog just loved him. David had tripped on a curb when getting his driver’s license renewed, and had a black and blue face. We celebrated his 81st birthday.  One member will be having surgery for liver cancer and her first grandchild around the same time.  And Sunday School class is similar. We have about 40 and a goodly number are 70+.  Lots of changes going on at church, which is always hard on the older folk who like things to stay the same. 

And we’ve had several deaths.  Our best man in our wedding, Tom Moir, of Indianapolis died in late August so we drove there on the 4th for the funeral.  He’d been a part of Bob’s life since elementary school. We also went out for lunch with some other guys from their "Slobs" high school group. We had a really good visit with Bob’s family and spent the night in their new “shared” home (4 generations). A busy place with 3 dogs.  

We went out for our anniversaries and my birthday with Phoebe and Mark.  Had a lovely time at a restaurant in Grandview. On Saturday Phil and I went back to our old neighborhood and had lunch at the Chef-o-Nette.  When she was in kindergarten and Phil in pre-school, he and I used to go there, grab a snack and then pick her up at the school across the street. 

Bob’s brother is recovering from his emergency intestinal surgery in August while they were travelling to California from Arizona, and when Bob called recently he was vacuuming which we thought was a good sign. It’s been a very slow turning around. 

We’ve got a nice trip coming up on October 9, but mainly here in central Ohio. It’s with our Conestoga group, which sometimes means a little walking or stairs, so I’ll just have to see how that goes.  Sometimes old, historical buildings don’t have elevators. 

Stay safe—and cool."

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