Thursday, June 23, 2022

What an exciting day!

What an exciting day I had.. My purse was stolen at Wal-Mart near Port Clinton, so I had some interesting experiences, working with the staff, the sheriff's office, our bank, finding someone to help me to get ahold of Bob , lots of worry and anxiety. However. Good outcome. By 6 p.m. the policeman was on our porch with my purse. Don't ever try to steal anything at Wal-Mart. It was all on camera--the woman's face, her method, her credit card, the license plate on her car. They must have cameras everywhere. But. It was all with good intentions. The "thief" saw my purse and took it home intending to call me. She contacted the police and she tried to call me (we weren't home, but she's on the answering machine). As soon as her call came in to the Ottawa Co. sheriff, our man knew what it was and went to her home and got the purse and drove all the way to our place and handed it to me. Everything was there, including my cash, credit cards, endorsed checks, Covid vaxx record, and identity (the DL was going to be the worst to replace--I don't carry my birth certificate or passport with me). I think he gave her a lecture that probably scared her to death, and I doubt she'll do it again. Always turn lost items in to the service desk and let them do the good neighbor thing.

But I did find a special angel from Lakeside who saw me about an hour into the ordeal and offered to call the Lakeside administration, got Bob's phone number, then called him and then paid for my groceries still in the cart and stayed with me until the police came. Bless her dear, sweet soul. Another neighbor drove him to the Wal-Mart (with his key to our car) and together we went to the branch of our Columbus bank which was near-by and reported our problems. Whew. All resolved in 3 hours. I had a lot to write in my gratitude journal.

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