Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Sandlot, fun movie for families

Last night at Lakeside the free movie was "The Sandlot," made in 1993 about the summer of 1962 and a young boy making new friends in a new neighborhood after his mother remarries. The clip I show (which won't load) has the main character standing in the background, unsure, inept and wanting new friends. The boys become good friends, make mistakes, take risks, and act goofy. A great movie for adults and kids to watch together and discuss. It's a feel good, no violence, with nothing we'd call bad language in this day and age.

I was reading a review, and saw a comment by a "victim." A woman complained that she watched it as a kid and was offended and threatened by the slur, "You throw like a girl." Oh lady, get over it. We've watched incredible female softball champs practice right here in our neighborhood, but this kid definitely threw a ball the way I did when I was 13 (even worse now). Such whiners! I hope the movie doesn't get pulled because some hyper feminist who never grew up got offended over a funny line.

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