Tuesday, June 07, 2022

To the misinformed, naive Democrats

Friends of and voters for Biden, your responses to the Biden disasters--Afghanistan, inflation, going to our enemies for energy, rising crime, flip flopping on Ukraine aid, grooming of children with LGBTQ nonsense, border flooding with illegals, and now allowing China and foreign sources to control our oil and solar panels so he can appease the Greenie/Marxists in his administration--are laughable. Piddle, diddle, smile and fiddle. Trying to blame Trump or Tucker Carlson or Fox. You're pathetic.  You're digging and searching, and can't find anything.  Those of you who are Democrats supporting Biden (and many are not) are so misguided and confused, there should be a special service for you for mind healing. Now the plans are to do everything possible to inflate the J6 event, even though all the pink hat ladies (to simulate women's genitals which now they claim don't even belong to women) did more damage to property and patriotism on Trump's inauguration.  It's all you've got.  Claim a protest by a few hundred unarmed citizens was an insurrection planned by Trump. When thousands looted and burned all during his administration on behalf of BLM protests that a man with a long criminal record was wrongly killed by police resisting arrest,  and the Dems just sat back and smiled approvingly.

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