Monday, August 15, 2022

Anne Herbert, a not so good prophet

"The only way I can make any sense of recent presidential elections is that the most vivid person wins, regardless of content, because too many of us have been dressing our lives in beiges and are suckers for a red tie and shiny shoes that look like relative strength. " Anne Herbert, APRIL 1983 (The Sun magazine)

I had never heard of this writer before today (or so I thought), but this quote is attributed to her, and obviously the 2020 election made her a bad prophet. The most bland, beige, but evil one was appointed the winner in the last presidential election. The one with the red tie, the one most vivid who could draw thousands to come out to hear him and the hate and ire of the media, the one who terrified the deep swamp and Big Tech both, the one with the track record for making all lives better, even life for those not yet born, didn't return to the White House. I'm down the rabbit hole of Herbert's movement (The Kindness Movement of the 1990s) and I may have more to say later. Maybe not. This may be it. She apparently preferred Carter over Reagan--but so did I, so what can I say?

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