Saturday, August 27, 2022

How the Left manipulates our language, and thus our thought, to shut us up

On my walk along the peaceful, quite Lake Erie this morning, I was listening to Molly Hemingway, "You're wrong" podcast, of The Federalist Radio Hour, and she commented on the use of the word denier and denial by Democrats. From that is the origin of this blog entry. I haven't done much with my Smart Phone, but it is useful for podcasts and radio archives.

Take the smear, "denier." It works with the holocaust. Not with Climate, not with Election. I know this comes as a shock to those who've accepted a cartoon version of history, climatology, weather, and science, but those the Democrats and "scientists" demean as "climate deniers" do not deny that there are changes--we question your research on the speed, the causes, the events, and the politicization, etc.--all of our theories and ideas are also backed up by sound research. Plus, some like me, are old enough to remember Paul Ehrlich's scam, "The Population Bomb."

And we also don't deny the election. We question the results, those entrusted with the counting, the changed rules even by Republican governors which were never lawful, the drop boxes, the incredible turn around in just key states in the middle of the night, etc. Every political party, voter and candidate can question the results of an election. Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, for example. It's a built in part of our system. Democrats invented the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax so we would question and impeach a lawfully elected president who threatened (but didn't succeed) to drain the swamp.

By appending the word "denier" to Climate and to Election, the Democrats actually want you to associate it with a terrible time in the 20th century which resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews. (This resulted in the new state of Israel, which Democrats are also conflicted over.) They want to view changes in climate as requiring that I be tried in a court of phony research. If I were employed, they'd take my job. They want us to believe that the J-6 protestors were more dangerous than the Civil War, the U.S. war that killed more Americans than all others combined. 

That word DENIER is part of their plot to diminish us, to insult us, and to bully. And that's not a conspiracy theory. That's basic Democrat 101.


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