Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Mom Jeans

Usually, you would not trust a librarian for fashion advice. It's not just a stereotype. . .
Mom jeans. Remember that term? I'd never heard of it until they made fun of Obama wearing "mom jeans" for riding a bicycle. My friend Bev says it was a popular term in the 70s. But I saw jeans at Wal-Mart labeled, "Mom Jeans," and bought a pair. Great fit and comfort. High rise with extra room in the thighs. Soft, slightly faded denim. I bought up a size since I had no idea of the fit or how they would wash. I only found them in junior size which I probably haven't worn for 60 years. Love them.  Went back and got another pair in a darker shade.

"The mom jean silhouette is a specific one. Its defining features include a high-waist, which helps to streamline the figure, as well as an ever so slightly baggy leg. Most purists will say that mom jeans fall straight on the legs, but the truth is that there are already an infinity of silhouettes within this category, as long as they keep the high rise: Flared, baggy, and balloon are some of the most popular variations." Vogue, April 15, 2022

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