Saturday, August 20, 2022

Maajid Nawaz, British activist and radio presenter

Interview with Joe Rogan. But not full.  You'll remember Rogan was "cancelled" because he wouldn't toe the line about Covid. He is available on subscription on other channels. Most sites I check say, Not available. 

Podcast notes: #1780 - Maajid Nawaz | Joe Rogan Experience • Podcast Notes

  Comments from other listeners.

"I normally want to leave people to discover on their own but i cannot recommend this episode enough, the most succinct 3+ hr (with ALL the proof) explanation for the current state of world affairs and our potential future that I've heard."

"Joe gets canceled by the media then comes out with an interview no media would even dare to report on. Good way to shut down the negative hype around Rogan right now!!"

"Terribly important interview. Joe is the greatest he has ever been. Obviously challenged by all this, but who wouldn't be. Maajid is obviously a true man of faith, it is amazing what he has accomplished despite so much opposition. Much support to both of them!"

"I've listened to just about every JRE, and started listening 10 years ago. Maajid is one of the most interesting and articulate person I've ever listened to on the podcast. So glad he's out there."

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