Friday, May 19, 2023

6.5 million invasion led by Joe Biden

That's the number just since he took office. There's another 6.5 million already here waiting for amnesty. It's not kindness or protection for the refugee, it's about more numbers for the Democrat party. Their ideas are bankrupt and corrupt, so they can only increase through duplicity.

[Two years ago, May 18, 2021] "The governors of 20 states sent a letter to President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in which they ask them to take action immediately on the crisis at the southern border. According to the governors, contrary to what the administration has been saying, the border is not closed or secure.

In fact, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has reported a staggering surge in illegal border crossings: 172,000 in March, the highest number in nearly 20 years; as well as 18,890 unaccompanied children, which — the governors note — is the largest monthly number in history." Border surge includes people from countries other than Central America, highlighting terror threat | The Hill

They laughed at that letter or tore it up. Biden and Mayorkas are still lying about it and Harris is MIA. 6.5 million have now illegally jumped the border since January 21, 2023, been given "parole", an app for their phone, or a court date and are being spread all over the country. We are all border states now and Sanctuary cities are crying in their beer. (Probably Bud-light). They take jobs from Americans, primarily the poor, because the big tech guys can ship in green card workers and legally steal American jobs. Women and children are being sex trafficked, many have died in their effort to make difficult journeys, fentanyl is killing more Americans, and those white guys in DC, the spiritual grandsons of the KKK , are pointing a finger at the weak, spineless Republicans. Biden could have stopped it the first day of his administration by retaining Trump's policies, but instead in his lust for more Democrat voters, he is destroying our country.

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