Saturday, May 13, 2023

Raising money to "save" the drag queens?

Hollywood has always been on the cutting edge of societal decay, especially if sex is involved. But raising money for drag queens instead of autistic children or illegal immigrants or disease of the month?

Megyn Kelly challenges Charlize Theron over drag queens (

So Charlize Theron has a trans child. What does that have to do with drag queens performing for children? No one has said they can't perform for adults, weird as I think they are. They are grooming children, and Theron doesn't sound like she'd earn Mother of the Year either if she decided her adopted child should transition at three.

Megyn Kelly also bashed the popular “Transformers” animated series for airing an episode in which non-binary characters go by they/them and she/they pronouns.

Kelly on Friday responded to a clip of “Transformers: EarthSpark” that was posted to Twitter by Libs of TikTok, saying: “This is DISGUSTING.”

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