Friday, May 26, 2023

Secrets of Hillsong

 I'm not sure I'll ever watch the documentary, "Secrets of Hillsong" (on HULU).  It sounds disgusting, but wonder if you have. 

"A non-denominational Christian church that began in Australia in 1983, Hillsong quickly expanded to a global audience, including the U.S. and nearly 30 other countries–launching its first U.S. location in New York City in 2010. The church’s rapid growth can be credited to its casual, almost secular style–pastors wear shredded jeans and leather jackets while preaching instead of more traditional wear; music for the congregants at a Kings of Leon concert; and church services are regularly held in venues like nightclubs." (Time description) 

Sex, child abuse, spousal abuse, money laundering, celebrity Christians--not a word about Jesus in all the articles I looked at. 

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