Friday, May 19, 2023

New World Bank reports life time earnings loss from effects of Covid

 I find it ironic (or not) that the very world organizations that our own CDC slavishly followed are now concerned about the fall into poverty and loss of lifetime earnings in the middle class due to Covid regulations that destroyed years of critical schooling.

Although this publication is dated 2023, there were earlier reports from 2021 that raised concern. Did that stop Fauci or Biden? Heck No. I know exactly what they'll do about it, and I'm not even a clever bureaucrat (although I was a librarian). Taxes will be raised, but only companies with high ESG scores will be able to exist. Everyone and every agency will have to be woke so that the effects of the pandemic can be overcome. We'll get hammered with more climate lies, more CRT and more blame if we don't buy the left's current hysteria.

If you read this carefully, you won't be able to tell if this was caused by the virus, the vaccines, or the lockdowns. But because very few children became ill or died, we all know the #1 problem was the lockdown which governments all over the world used to assume more power. 

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