Saturday, August 05, 2023

Baby Madison Baby Doe now has a headstone on her grave

Plain City, Ohio, police announced on June 15 that the remains of a newborn girl were discovered in the back of a garbage truck. She still had the umbilical cord attached when she was found, according to the police. Because she was discovered in Madison County, community leaders named her Madison Baby Doe. After community donations paid for her funeral, Ferguson Funeral Home and Forest Grove Cemetery provided the services at no charge. (WBNS)
The Plain City Police announced on Facebook: "We are pleased to share with you that the headstone for Madison Baby Doe has been placed at her gravesite. A special thanks again to Longstreth Memorial for the donation of this headstone! We remain deeply saddened by this tragedy, but we are honored to have been able to help ensure that Madison Baby Doe will be forever remembered.

Also note, that this investigation is ongoing and we continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners in an effort to solve this case and provide some closure for our community."
People of Plain City are very proud of their Police Department.

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