Saturday, August 05, 2023

Foods That Hurt or Help Your Brain with Max Lugavere

Very interesting conversation about food and nutrition. This video is part of Prager U--a university I really trust.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:43 - Could Diet Contribute to Dementia? (His mother had Lewy Body disease which began his                           search for answers)

05:34 - Alzheimer’s Disease: Is It Preventable?

14:51 - Are There “Good Foods” and “Bad Foods”?

18:25 - Are Butter and Eggs Healthy or Harmful? (Eggs are great; OK to eat every day)

24:34 - Real Milk vs. Plant-Based Milk  (Dairy is good for you; plant milk is just marketing)

27:15 - What Is a Good Vegetable Balance?

30:48 - Are Seed Oils Really Bad for You? (Use olive oil, anti-inflammatory. Seed oils, rbd, eliminate                     if  you can. Damaged by processing.) 

37:51 - The Myth of Granola Bars and Other “Healthy” Meals

44:12 - You Probably Need to Eat More Protein

44:49 - Food and Access in America

47:36 - Do You Need to Buy Organic Food?

50:32 - Eat More Whole Foods

54:31 - The Fight over the Tufts University Food Compass

01:02:26 - The Strange Link between Mouthwash and Blood Pressure

01:08:50 - The Genius Life: How to Read Scientific Papers

01:10:50 - Healthy Lifestyle Advice

01:14:06 - The Verdict on Chocolate and Wine

Don't worry, in the interest of fairness, there is also an interview with a vegan.

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