Sunday, August 06, 2023

Looking back on Covid and all the What-ifs

What if doctors had been allowed to treat the disease that condemned millions to death in 2020-2022 with their own basic knowledge learned through experience and medical school? 

What if they'd started treatment early, instead of waiting to hospitalize until there was no hope? 

What if they hadn't been forced to follow WHO and CDC, which are heavily politicized and Big Pharma which had strong financial interests? 

What if they'd been allowed to follow common sense and years of studies on masking? 

What if the populace had been encouraged to lose weight, exercise, get out in the sun and fresh air, instead of locking them down in despair and harmful environments? 

They wouldn't have paid attention to weak studies about two drugs, very safe but effective, and used them to treat the symptoms. 

They wouldn't have put very sick people on ventilators. 

They would have tapered patients with inflammation off steroids. 

Fewer would have died. 

Our economy wouldn't have tanked. 

Doctors wouldn't have lost their careers and the thousands of years of combined experience which now makes us all weaker.

 It was a coup against medicine, science, common sense, and history.

Please listen to Dark Horse podcast and others in alternative sources (there are many) look back on all the mistakes Big Gov and Big Pharma made (or maybe they weren't mistakes since it put Biden in office). Politicians in all nations, all parties, now know how to completely bring a country to its knees, and that knowledge is the power to do it again. To be used in the U.S. by either party.

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