Tuesday, August 22, 2023

By now--update on the boosters

In the last two days I've heard of several folks who have Covid, one is in the hospital, but no one I know personally. I'm told the cases are increasing, the hospitals are crowded, and I suspect we'll soon be getting scare warnings, and pressure to do all the things that didn't protect us in 2021-22. 
By now, what the MSM/CDC/WHO and Big Pharma don't mention is that virtually the only people getting it or dying from it have been vaccinated/boosted, some 3-4 times. Quite a change from what we were told in 2020 while waiting for the first one.

By now, we also know that myocarditis in young adults who've had the vax is NOT rare, although that's what we're being told by the same people who told us the vaccine would stop the spread. But even if it were rare, a scar on the heart is not a good thing for a young person's future.

By now, we know there was no reason to be vaccinating children and babies. It's just far too rare in that demographic. 
By now we know this was a violation of the Nuremberg Code, principals established after WWII to prevent experimenting on people without their permission or knowledge of the results. mRNA injections for this disease are still FDA approved for emergency use. Millions were given no choice about taking it even though long term (like years) results couldn't be known.

By now we've seen the profits and know this has been a fabulous income stream for the large pharmaceutical companies, especially as the disease evolves and new boosters must be created (and recommended/mandated).

By now many of the "conspiracy theories" have been proven to be common sense based on years of research and knowledge of previous public health and pandemic measures.

By now the premier medical journals have been shown to be useful for lining your bird cage, but not much else.

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