Monday, November 01, 2004

562 Small World

Book Club met tonight. Evensong by Gail Godwin, a prolific writer born in 1937 who often writes about strong women and weak men. Abandonment. Depression. She's got issues. Anyway, there is a character in the book named Tony. As the story unravels, we learn Tony had spent some time in prison while in the service, specifically Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis. That's where the reunion was Saturday night. Not in the prison of course, but Fort Harrison is no longer a military base and is being used for commercial and community development.


Twylah said...

Would you recommend this book?

Norma said...

Godwin is an exceptional writer, however, she personally has struggled with parental abandonment and depression and these themes recur in her novels. In this work alone, all the primary characters are either victims of bad parenting, or are bad parents themselves, even while being sympathetically treated. And the adoptive parents in the story are no better than the biological parents.

If this were a Christian story instead of a story about Christians, many of whom are stereotypical, she would have some answers. She has none. So, in that sense, I would recommend it with reservations--only as an engaging story to be read with discernment.