Tuesday, November 23, 2004

609-a Friends of the Library

Today I returned some books to the public library and discovered it was Friends of the Library Book Sale Week. This sale is the size of many smaller town libraries with huge tables set up in the main circulation area. I leafed through some Pearl Buck and Judith Krantz and Tom Clancy, paused at a 1996 Internal Medicine textbook that weighed about 10 lbs., and momentarily fingered EdTV, the video. Even computers were for sale. I finally settled on a 1981 Southern Living hard cover Annual Recipes. You can't go wrong with a cook book, even if you don't cook much. These go for $6-$12 on the internet used book sites. I paid $2 and it looks like it was never used. Not even a sticky fingerprint.

It is organized month-by-month and includes entertainment ideas for each season. There are microwave recipes, recipes for two, menus, tips, and because of the date, no low-carb or low-fat articles like the recent cookbooks. That alone makes it worth the price!

For November there is:
Sweet-and-sour turnips
Mexicali meat loaf
Fried peach pies
Stir fried cabbage
Cheesy grits casserole (I think my mother made that)
Fluffy eggnog pie
Sweet potato surprise
Raisin butter

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