Tuesday, November 09, 2004

578 Prayer Job Jar

It's getting full. And I'm so poor about doing this consistently. Perhaps a jar on the kitchen table. I think perhaps the first prayer is that God will bring the list to mind. Today's list, in no particular order (I'll leave that to God)

Shoe, a librarian having seizures
My father in law, 91, recovering in a nursing home from small stroke
My sister in law, who takes care of him, recovering from back surgery
My daughter, grieving over the loss of her pet of 18 years
My neighbor, a recent widow, moving to a retirement facility
My good friend Nancy, off to California to greet a new grandchild
My cousin making decisions about a move
Several women struggling with separation, divorce, custody issues
My son, needing to move on after a failed marriage
The ladies I visit in the nursing home
The friend who coordinates all the people visiting the residents in nursing homes
Our pastors struggling to figure out how to serve a multi-campus congregation
Our President as he makes decisions that affect our lives
Safety and protection for our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq

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Stephen said...

thanks for the encouragement