Sunday, September 28, 2014

50,000 waited 2 hours in the sun, many elderly

This morning I watched Pope Francis celebrate Holy Mass with the Elderly in St. Peter’s Square. It honored the elderly and grandparents. One couple was from Iraq, married 51 years, and had been driven from their home and city, Qaraqosh (of the Diocese of Mosul). Their church had been having services and tolling bells for 2,000 years and now ISIS has destroyed it. Very sad. About 50,000 people from more that 20 countries attended along with a number of elderly priests who were also being honored. Here is the official text of the homily, in which the Pope says the younger generations are impoverished if they don't have a connection with their elders. I don’t know how many were given out, but large print editions of Mark were being distributed.

A very different take than Zeke Emanuel (Obamacare architect) who thinks 75 is a good age to check out.


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