Thursday, September 18, 2014

Saving the unborn, one mother at a time

We attended a lovely dinner last night at Villa Milano (lasagna to die for)  with about 800 other people who care about the unborn to hear Father Frank Pavone. I sat next to a lovely young woman who had grown up in foster care who told me her story of thinking she had no other option than abortion for her now 7 year old precious daughter. By mistake she went to one of our PDHC locations instead of Planned Parenthood and was counseled by a wonderful volunteer and they have remained friends for 8 years. She also needed material aid, food, transportation, parenting help and a job, which God provided through loving Christians--so she was one lucky gal, and of course, the baby was too. And she was a blessing to me, too, I told her because sometimes we volunteers get discouraged and wonder if we make a difference.

My husband wasn’t all that thrilled about going, but I reminded him I’d have to drive alone both in rush hour traffic to get there, and in the dark to get home.  But he really enjoyed himself, thought the food was good and the speaker terrific, and when we were all asked for support, he leaned over and suggested quietly that I double our  agreed on amount.

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