Monday, September 15, 2014

Blood on Hillary’s hands

Our ambassador was in Libya to facilitate arms shipments to Syrian rebels. No wonder it had to be covered up. Blood on Mrs. Clinton's hands.

“The U.S. special mission in Benghazi and the nearby CIA annex were utilized in part to coordinate arms shipments to the jihadist rebels fighting the Syrian regime, with Ambassador Christopher Stevens playing a central role, documents an explosive new book released today [Sept. 9]. The activities, which included a separate, unprecedented multi-million-dollar weapons collection effort from Libyan militias who did not want to give up their weapons, may have prompted the Sept. 11, 2012, attack, charges the new book. The findings and more are revealed in the new work by radio host and WND reporter Aaron Klein, “The REAL Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know.” -

Glenn Beck reported this in September 2012.

Immediately after Stevens’ death there were photos of his torture and sexual abuse on the internet, which quickly disappeared.  Sending an openly gay man to a country very hostile to gays was not the best plan.

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