Monday, September 15, 2014

Filtering hate

I don't understand it. With so much material at our fingertips, why lie, filter or exaggerate what the left or right says, writes and believes? We don't need ugly cartoons, absurd names, f-words, and not funny comedy routines. It just detracts and keeps the sheeple uninformed. Yesterday I read a ridiculous piece about what Michelle Obama said in a speech to new immigrants. First, she doesn't write her speeches--she has trained staff; second, she didn't say what the headlines reported (screamed) she said. That's called "click bait" so the website can bring the gullible right wingers to the website to please the advertisers who don't care about right, left or wrong--just money. And the same thing happens on the other side—The Daily Beast and Huffington Post seem middle of the road compared to some really ugly leftist sites. I even see it in my blog comments, some of which are so outrageous they can’t be posted.  Even the hostile ones that I let through I do to show that if people, left or right, want to twist or distort, they will.

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