Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The government is making us losers with gambling as a source of income

"Today, we would seek to speak for the ‘‘losers.’’ The ‘‘losers’’ are those citizens sacrificed by our government in its failed experiment of sponsoring and promoting gambling to extract as much money as possible from the public. . . . ‘‘When I asked one I.G.T. artist if he ever plays, he acted as if I had insulted him,’’ wrote New York Times reporter Gary Rivlin in his cover story on slot machines for The Times Sunday Magazine. ‘‘Slots are for losers,’’ he spat, and then, coming to his senses, begged me to consider that an off-the-record comment.’’ Hon. Frank R. Wolf, VA, House of Rep., September 19, 2014, speech on evils of gov't supported gambling, Congressional Record,


Economically: No great nation has ever built prosperity on the  foundations of personal debt, addiction, and the steady expansion of ‘‘businesses’’ that produce no new wealth. . . .

Ethically: A decent government does not finance its activities by playing its most vulnerable citizens for suckers, thus rendering the lives of millions expendable, exploitable, and unworthy of protection.

 Spiritually: We mock the higher values that any good society depends on—honesty, mutual trust, self-discipline, sacrifice, concern for others, and a belief in a work ethic that connects effort and reward—when government tells its citizens every day that it is committed to providing ‘‘fun’’ instead of opportunity; that a rigged bet is the way to achieve the American dream . . .”

Once a week I drive by the “Hollywood Casino” on the west side of Columbus on my way to volunteer at the pregnancy center.  I’m always shocked when I hear Christians talk about going there for fun and entertainment. Misplaced values.

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