Friday, September 12, 2014

The genocide of Mideastern Christians

Peggy Noonan on what is being ignored by the media in Obama’s falling numbers: the genocide of Christians

“Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics who would normally back strong military action [in Syria] were relatively silent in 2013. Why? I think because they were becoming broadly aware, for the first time, of what was happening to Christians in the Middle East. They were being murdered, tortured, abused for their faith and run out of the region. And for all his crimes and failings, Syria's justly maligned Assad was not attempting to crush his country's Christians. His enemies were—the jihadists, including those who became the Islamic State.

In the year since, the brutality against Middle Eastern Christians, and Islamic State's ferocious anti-Christian agenda, has left many Christians deeply alarmed. Jihadists are de-Christianizing the Mideast, where Christianity began.

An estimated two-thirds of the Christians of Iraq have fled that country since the 2003 U.S. invasion. They are being driven from their villages in northern Iraq. They are terrorized, brutalized, executed. This week an eyewitness in Mosul, which fell to Islamic State in June, told NBC News the jihadists were committing atrocities. In Syria, too, they have executed Christians for refusing to convert.”

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Anonymous said...

I have a Christian friend in Beirut, Lebanon, who has been actively converting Muslims to Christians. So far he is safe, thank God. All hope is not lost yet!