Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The President’s speech at the U.N.

I didn't hear the president's speech today--some say it wasn't too bad, just too long. Also he said the U.S. is getting better--better than we were in 2004. Well, he's been president 6 of those 10 years, and I don't think things are better at all.

  • The economy was booming in 2004 and his recovery has been tepid.
  • He dropped the ball on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and now we've got a nastier enemy which just today he finally called out as Muslim;
  • it appears the U.S. was gun-running to Syrian rebels, possibly ISIS, in the Benghazi fiasco.
  • He's turned his office and the Attorney General into a race battle--even mentioned Ferguson to the U.N.--but not hundreds of veterans dying while waiting for treatment in our only truly socialist health system.
  • Our internal revenue service is now tied to our medical records and has already proven that it can get really nasty when your politics are different than the president's;
  • thousands of Americans will have their tax refunds garnished because they figured their insurance incorrectly;
  • he's shredded our first amendment spying on journalists and making nuns pay for contraception;
  • he's tried to gin up hatred for the 2nd amendment even though gun violence is down;
  • he's lied about the dangers of rape on college campuses as a sop to radical feminists claiming we've got third world conditions there;
  • he destroyed a health insurance tradition that served 85% of the people;
  • more people are on food stamps than ever and they can now be used at fast food and for pot;
  • he has whined and complained about the GOP and President Bush to the point of being embarrassing for a public figure making him look weak and helpless;
  • he lied so many times about Obamacare, we've lost track--the most recent revelation was it does cover abortion something he promised the Democrats wouldn't happen;
  • he called Islamic terrorism at Ft. Hood workplace violence, thus depriving the survivors of full benefits.
  • And finally, a man whose campaign could use every technology gimmick known to get him elected, couldn't get a computer system to work for his legacy even after spending over a billion--Obamacare.

No, things are definitely NOT better than 2004, except for the super rich--they are definitely richer than they were in 2004.

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