Monday, September 15, 2014

Cool mornings ahead


Lows in the 40s and lower 50s and highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

Darn that global warming.


Anonymous said...

Sept 15, 2014 -
"August 2014 Hottest in Recorded Weather History, NASA Says"

From Wikipedia:
"Climate change denial is a denial or dismissal of the scientific consensus on the extent of global warming, its significance, and its connection to human behavior, especially for commercial or ideological reasons..
..Through a single organization, between 2002 and 2010, conservative billionaires secretly donated nearly $120 million to more than 100 organizations seeking to cast doubt on the science behind climate change..
..Efforts to downplay the significance of climate change resemble the determined efforts of tobacco lobbyists, in the face of scientific evidence linking tobacco to lung cancer, to prevent or delay the introduction of regulation. Lobbyists attempted to discredit the scientific research by creating doubt and manipulating debate. They worked to discredit the scientists involved, to dispute their findings, and to create and maintain an apparent controversy by promoting claims that contradicted scientific research. ""Doubt is our product," boasted a now infamous 1969 industry memo. Doubt would shield the tobacco industry from litigation and regulation for decades to come."

Norma said...

It's much better to trust government taxing us to change a molecule or two of CO2 over 100 years, because why wouldn't the government want more control and tax money? How many billionaires are funding the global warming hysteria?

The Open Atmospheric Society, known as “The OAS” for short, announces its formation, and readiness to accept charter members. The purpose of The OAS is to provide a paperless and entirely online professional organization that will represent individuals who have been unrepresented by existing professional organizations that have become more activist than science based in their outlook. It also aims to provide a professional peer reviewed publication platform to produce an online journal with a unique and important requirement placed up-front for any paper submitted; it must be replicable, with all data, software, formulas, and methods submitted with the paper. Without those elements, the paper will be rejected. This focus on replicability up front is not found in other similar organizations that publish scientific results.

Anonymous said...

First, to answer your question:
"How many billionaires are funding the global warming hysteria?"

Answer, Part A:
Zero billionaires are funding the peer reviewed research that has produced the volumes of irrefutable, empirical evidence of anthropogenic climate change.

Answer Part B:
There is simply no "hysteria" related to climate change.
Only mountain and mountains and mountains of data, all of it leading to the fervor-free, coldy reported, impeccably rational consensus of 90 plus percent of the most brilliant scientists on the planet, all in concurrence that anthropogenic climate change threatens life as we know it today. That is we can't figure out how to reduce or reclaim current levels of carbon emission, our grandchildren will struggle to merely feed themselves.

Your reply is nothing short of laughable.
The announcement by long time climate denialist, a credential-free Fox News Radio weatherman, Anthony Watts, of a memberless, research-free, "cloud based online organization" seeking to cajole enrollment of it's first charter members in his latest for-profit swindle.

You know, of course, Anthony Watts (his real first name is Willard) has not a single credential to his name (either real or alias). He claims to have attended Purdue University, but Purdue University has no record of him.

Show me a single peer reviewed paper presented by your vaunted group, this Open Atmosphere Society.

Just One.

Really? Nothing?
Anthony (Willard) has been at this for more than a decade and the OAS has -nothing-??

Now, a question for you, Norma:
How is it possible so many Americans are so eager to embrace the role of dupe and pawn in order to protect the bloated profit margins and tax payer funded subsidies reaped by the polluters of heavy industry and Big Oil?