Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ferguson vs. Hamas, Putin and ISIS

Our President has been known for his own personal narcissism, but I thought it a bit odd that he rushed in with a "me too," "we too," in the U.N. speech and compared a man being shot in Ferguson with Putin taking over the eastern Ukraine, Hamas lobbing rockets at Israel, and ISIS raping and killing in Syria and Iraq. We actually have a legal system that will look at the evidence of whether the Ferguson victim tried to attack the policeman, or if he was robbing a store, or whether the policeman acted wrongly. The poor Yazidis, Christians and Turkmens who have seen their children and husbands beheaded because they wouldn't convert really haven't been given that option. There simply was no moral equivalency in his absurd comparison.

“Politico reported that it was "unusual" for the president to reference "domestic U.S. shortcomings during a speech devoted to international issues." Asked for an explanation, a White House official said the president wanted to acknowledge that the U.S. is "not perfect."

Well, neither is Mr. Obama's analogy.”

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