Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fake outrage as Democrat veterans attack Fox—are we surprised?

In a show of fake outrage, 60 veterans who work as Democrat politicians’ staff attacked a Fox News show, The Five,  in “An Open Letter to Fox News,”  because of a tasteless joke which the teller quickly had apologized for.

“Obama campaign workers, one ex-Obama White House aide, liberal activists, Democratic Party congressional candidates, Democratic Party state legislators, and more. The letter was sponsored by the Truman Project, a ten-year-old think tank with a focus on national security. Its board of directors includes Hunter Biden, the son of the Vice President. None of which was even whispered in the haughty “Open Letter” that was distributed to a media all too eager to go along with an attack on Fox News and two of the co-hosts on the Fox show The Five — Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld. Instead the letter was presented as a source of genuine outrage from average, non-partisan American veterans — while keeping the real identity of the signers secret.”

Add to this the 10 + a software program of Media Matters who have been bombarding advertisers about Rush Limbaugh and it is just more evidence of the left making a joke of free speech.


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