Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The new encyclical on the environment

“Some in the media are portraying the encyclical as if Pope Francis is a secular environmentalist, when in reality the encyclical is sharply critical of environmental ideologies that don’t recognize mankind’s unique place in creation,” said Jimmy Akin, senior apologist for Catholic Answers, the largest lay-run apostolate of Catholic apologetics and evangelization in the United States.

Akin said the Catholic Church’s longstanding teaching on caring for the Earth is fundamentally different than the politically driven agendas of many activists.

“Some environmentalists look on humans as menaces to nature—as if all other life was meant to be here, but humans are interlopers,” he said. “But both Scripture and Pope Francis’s new encyclical view human beings in a positive light and recognize that they have a unique and special role as caretakers of God’s creation.”  Catholic Answers

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